Consulting, Workshops & Training

Effective Use of the Chief Technology Officer to Drive Innovation

Technology is front and center in innovation efforts, and a CTO who works in tandem with the CEO can add value to the innovation process

This program will provide your executive team with a broad understanding of innovation and ways to increase adaptability and resilience, greatly improving your ability to sustain a competitive advantage.

Based on the practices of successful innovative companies, this workshop examines the role of the CTO and how he or she can contribute to the firm. Is your CTO functioning in one of the following roles:

The workshop presents the opportunity to consider what is right for your firm, including

We know from experience that there is no one-size-fits-all for the CTO, and we tailor this program to meet your firm's needs. Each executive team has its own dynamics and personalities, and this program is designed to be adaptable to your needs.

Audience: Senior executives and officers of a firm. This program is appropriate for an executive off-site meeting.

Consulting, Workshops & Training

Workshops and training present opportunities to examine key  topics with your team. These sessions are customized to reflect your current challenges.

Workshops are appropriate for senior executives or development groups. We facilitate half-day to three-day sessions.