Consulting, Workshops & Training

What is Your Role in Innovation?

Companies want to be more innovative; how can you best participate? How can you maximize the impact of your particular set of skills?

In this brief workshop, our experts will explain the phases of innovation and ask you to consider your own strengths and where you fit in.

Are you the Visionary, who builds the conceptual framework and architects the innovative product?

Or are you the flexible Troubleshooter, who quickly delivers prototypes, solutions and test versions of a mocked up product?

Are you the Catalyst who engages with potential customers to learn about possible uses for an innovative product and who energizes the team?

Or are you the Producer, the responsible person who comes up with an execution plan, schedules and delivers the final version along with incremental functionality enhancements, and who then improves the efficiency of the product or the processes to produce it?

All of these types of people are necessary for the successful delivery of innovative products.

Audience: Individual contributors and Engineering managers. Individual contributors will gain an understanding of their role within the context of innovation; managers will learn how to structure their teams for optimal effect.. This program can also be tailored to an audience of executives and leaders.

Consulting, Workshops & Training

Workshops and training present opportunities to examine key  topics with your team. These sessions are customized to reflect your current challenges.

Workshops are appropriate for senior executives or development groups. We facilitate half-day to three-day sessions.